How to Design, Market, Fill & Profit from Your Own Small Live Event

Yes, it’s possible. I’ve done it 8 times. My clients have done it. And now I’m going to teach you how to do it too.

Learn exactly how I’ve hosted an annual 3-day live small workshop for 8 years that generated anywhere from $60k to over $100k NET.


For 8 years, I successfully hosted my always-sold-out Online Business Breakthrough Workshop for only 50 people that’s not just profitable – it’s easy & fun too!

Sound good? Great! I can’t wait to share more with you…

But first, let’s make sure this training is right for you…

  • Are you exhausted from the seemingly never-ending marketing of your business so you have enough income?
  • Do you love working 1:1 or with groups of clients, but you’re tired of the work involved to constantly enroll new clients?
  • Are you looking to create consistent cash flow so you have peace of mind while you continue to grow your business?
  • Do you love to teach, love to be in-person with people, and have dreamed about having your own live event (or maybe you’ve already hosted an event but it wasn’t the success you’d hoped for)?

Those are some of the reasons I took the leap into hosting my own first live event in 2010.

I loved teaching online, and I loved being able to connect with so many wonderful clients via the Internet… and yet, whenever I attended someone else’s event, I kept feeling the pull to do my own.

Maybe you’ve felt that way too?

Yet my business was successful as it was. I had broken the 6-figure mark in 2009, and I had created that income all virtually, through online courses and a membership site. I even filled my high-level coaching programs via email – twice.

So, why do a live event?

Because I was tired of marketing all the time to enroll new people into my programs. I wanted to host one event once a year that would enroll people into a 9-month program and then focus on delivering that program for my business year (which is the school year, if you don’t know that about me yet – I take summers off 😉 ).

But honestly, I was scared.

I didn’t have a clue how to put on my own event. I had no idea how much it would cost, how to structure it, how to choose a venue, how to read a contract – but my biggest fear was that no one would come. Then what?

So even though I had “live event” on my calendar for about 18 months, I kept pushing it off, letting my fears stop me. Oh, I had legitimate excuses – my dad was sick, we were moving, why mess with what’s already working, etc. etc. etc.

But as I looked ahead in my business, I knew that if I wanted to keep walking my talk, keep my family as my first priority, and to continue to enjoy the flexibility and freedom I had painstakingly designed my business to give me… then I knew it was now or never.

So, with a lot of trepidation, I finally took the leap and my Online Business Breakthrough Workshop was born.

OBBW is my absolute favorite thing I get to do in my business. It feeds my spirit to be in-person with so many amazing entrepreneurs AND the revenue it generates gives me peace of mind – which is priceless to me.

Wouldn’t you like to feel this way too?

After many requests and walking clients through hosting their own successful small live events, I’m delighted to be teaching this virtual course, where I’ll share with you everything I’ve learned over designing, marketing and leading 8 events – and steer you away from the mistakes and problems I bumped up against because I simply didn’t know better.

When you join us, I’ll share with you…

~ My own strategic plan for how I sell out my events at least 1-2 months in advance.

Listen, I KNOW that filling seats for your event is your #1 concern – and I know that because I have been there, more than once.

But in the 8 times I hosted my own successful workshop, I’ve learned A LOT about how to fill those seats sooner than later, and I’m going to share every one of those tactics with you during this training.

~ How to structure your content so it not only stands on its own as valuable for your attendees, but that it naturally leads to making your invitation to continue working with you, whether that’s privately in a high-level program or in a group program.

One of the compliments I often receive is that when I do make my offer, it’s not at all hyped up (nor does it take more than 30 minutes at the most). And because I come from a place of genuinely wanting to serve those people who’ve already invested their time, energy and money in attending my workshop, they end up feeling really good about my offer, and over 50% say yes!

~ What your offer should AND should NOT be.

Especially if this is your first event, you really want to have a positive outcome, right? Well, knowing the answer to this for yourself is critical to getting the best ROI on your event.

~ What you need to collect from the attendees who say YES to your offer and why.

The last thing you want to do after your event is chase people who said yes to your invitation. I’ll share with you exactly what you need to collect from them before your event ends. (You can model what I use, of course.)

~ Samples of the promotions we send to enroll people that encourage them to register for the event.

There are so many different strategies we use to entice the right people to attend my event, strategies that are leveraged and double the impact of registrations. You’ll have access to all of these in this training that you can model for your own promotions.

~ How to create the necessary buzz around your event without getting overwhelmed.

I’m a huge fan of automating and re-purposing as much as possible, and I’ve made it a practice to do less marketing of my event every year and still sell out.

For my last workshop, our only promotions were emails and social media posts. Once you have a loyal following for your event, those attendees will come back year after year. (OBBW is always over 50% returning attendees, which makes a statement about the value of the entire event.)

~ How to keep your expenses at a minimum.

I run my business very lean and my workshop is no exception. In fact, I always go into my event in the black. You can too – and I’ll show you how simple it really is.

This is just small sampling of what you’ll learn in this training program.

Your Profitable Small Events Training Modules include…
Module 1: What's My Event Content?

We’ll Start By Helping You Figure Out Your Content

Before we dive into designing your event, we’ll go through a process to discover your content.

In this Module, you’ll learn…

  • What content you really want to teach and how to discern if it’s something your intended audience wants to pay to learn
  • What content you already have that you can easily turn into teaching sessions for your event
  • How to determine the best event structure for your content, your audience and your desired end results (so you can go into your event feeling confident about the outcome)
  • What decisions you have to make first before you do anything else for your event
  • How to know what the perfect number of attendees is for your event
  • How to decide the length of your event and the exact agenda it will follow

At the end of Module 1, you’ll have a very clear framework to fill in for your own successful live event!

Module 2: Venues, Rooms, Food - oh my!

Next we’ll figure out all the logistics for your event…

A mistake I see often is people offering seats for their event before they even know where it’s going to be held, what amenities they might offer, what the group rate for the room block will be, or even have a contract signed with the venue.

In this Module, you’ll learn…

  • Why you need to know the where, when, what, and how of your event BEFORE you start marketing it (trust me, this will ease your stress immensely)
  • What type of venue is best for your particular event
  • What you MUST know about your contracts and what you’re committing to BEFORE you sign
  • How to determine your room block size and if you even need one
  • Typical things that you can negotiate before you sign a contract
  • What Audio-Visual equipment and labor you need and just as importantly what you don’t
  • Other expenses you may not be aware of but that are critical to factor in

This Module covers everything you need to know BEFORE you make any commitments.

I’ll also show you how to figure out what your seat cost is for each attendee, which is what will enable you to figure out your pricing. My expenses are covered before my event even starts (which you may know is NOT typical).

I run my business lean, and my events are no different. I love being able to share how to have a fabulous event where people are so happy and got so much value for coming that they return year after year – and bring their friends.

Module 3: How to Market Your Event

Now that you know your content, the type of event you’ll be holding, where you’ll be holding it, what your costs will be, and much more, we can start marketing your event!

In this Module, you’ll learn…

  • The essential marketing materials you must have in order to promote and fill your event more easily
  • What elements you must have on your sales page and how to create that copy much more easily
  • The best pre-launch, launch and post-launch tactics and strategies I personally use
  • How to best use social media to generate buzz and sign-ups for your event
  • and all my timelines and tips too

After this module, you’ll have absolutely everything you need to launch your event successfully.

Module 4: How to Fill Your Event Seats

So you’re getting the word out in your marketing, but HOW do you get people to actually register AND show up?

In this Module, you’ll learn…

  • My tiered approach to Pricing Strategies
  • How to do everything you can to make sure people show up (also known as ‘stick strategies’)
  • How to use Bonuses and other tactics to entice people to register sooner than later
  • What kind of personal outreach you can and should do to get the best attendees at your event (one of my strategies is absolute gold in getting my attendees back year after year)
  • How to work with partners to help you fill your seats

This module builds on Module 3, which ensures that you’re making the most of all of your marketing and promotions to fill your seats much more easily.

Module 5: How to Leverage Your Event for Even More Income
Now that you’re on a promotion roll, and your seats are filling, how do you leverage your event into more income?

In this Module, you’ll learn…

  • What kind of offer you make depends on what you want to offer (I promise this will make perfect sense)
  • How to know what’s next and best for your audience members
  • When to make your offer during your event – timing is critical here, and if you know when and how you’re going to make your offer, you can relax!
  • How to make your offer without sounding like it’s a sales pitch (even though, in essence, it is ;-))
  • Many other ways to leverage your event into more income

The second biggest fear that people have about hosting their own live event is that it won’t be profitable. In this module, I’ll share with you the realities, possibilities, and truth of what will work and what won’t. So while I don’t have a crystal ball, and much depends individually on you, I have the ability to see more clearly for you what you may not be able to see for yourself, and I’ll be sharing that with you during this training.

Module 6: Help! What Kind of Support You Need for Your Event to be a True Success

So that everything goes smoothly and you can fully relax and enjoy your event, please don’t try to host your event alone!

In this Module, you’ll learn…

  • The minimum level of support you need and how to get it without hiring
  • How to have the venue staff help and what things they can help you with
  • What team support you need in the room and what they’re responsible for
  • How to handle problems that will come up, with grace and ease
  • Other common issues that arise and how to solve them quickly

I want you to go into your event with a sense of excitement AND a sense of calm (and yes, you’ll probably be a little nervous too). The only way that can happen is if you have support. In this module, you’ll be pleased to find that what I recommend will ease both your mind and your expenses.

Your Profitable Small Events training is delivered via…

6 Training Modules

Instant access to the 6 Core Training Modules

Transcripts & Worksheets

Instant access to all the done-for-you supporting materials you need

BONUS: 50 Ways to Fill Seats

This checklist will alleviate any stress you have about filling seats at your event!

Total Profitable Small Events Value $5,000+

How does the program work?

Upon enrollment, you’ll have instant access to the entire training, which includes the 6 training audios, transcripts and the additional supporting materials.

By the time you complete the training, you’ll have everything you need to launch your own Profitable Small Event!

Don’t let this chance pass you by – your return on your investment is guaranteed, and you’ll gain the confidence and clarity (along with the step-by-step instructions) to host your own successful small live event!


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the deep discount and digital nature of these programs,
all sales are final and no refunds will be granted.

What Alicia’s Clients Are Saying…

Some words of praise for Alicia’s high-touch, high-content style of teaching and coaching…

“Alicia Forest, more than my coach; my guide, my teacher and my inspiration. Thank you for your continued support, the endless resources and your authentic intuition.

Through our work together, I have become unstuck, finally moving myself forward out of the limiting patterns that held me back. Your caring, yet forward nudge to either go for it or throw it all in, moved me out of fear into confidence. Your belief in me has gifted me with the most important lesson of all: I now believe and value myself.

I am grateful you choose to show up as your true self each day, as you instill that same courage in all of us that you coach to do the same.”

Elizabeth Scala

“I can’t say enough about getting the chance to work with Alicia. After attending her OBBW Workshop I signed up on the spot to work with her privately. Since working with Alicia, my entire life and business has changed completely.

In the last two years I’ve quit my job, passed the 6-figure mark, hosted three live events, launched and filled three new courses, filled my practice and recently launched my newest mastermind program. And I’m on the airwaves with a partner when with a new podcast called, The Business Girlfriends Show.

Alicia gives you everything and doesn’t hold back. I’m so fortunate to have her as both a mentor and friend and I can’t recommend her highly enough. It will be one of the best business decisions you will ever make. I can’t thank Alicia enough for providing a beautiful example of what a lifestyle business should be!”

Jeannie Spiro

“I’ve been to all 6 of Alicia’s OBBWs because I get so much out of them. I come home every year with a grand list of “to do’s” that I know will maximize my time, increase profits (yes, I was leaving money on the table) all while increasing my return on effort.

Alicia’s authentic, genuine and open book way of teaching makes her workshops fun, informative and worth the investment. Best of all she gives you time to actually work on your business while at the workshop and the content isn’t the big “fluff” that you get at most workshops.

When I host my own event, OBBW is definitely going to be my model. Why? Because I’ve witness how a truly authentic event can be fun, easy and profitable!”

Sandra De Freitas

“OBBW is my go-to business training resource. I’ll be going back for my fifth time this year. Why? Because Alicia‘s content continues to evolve as my business evolves. Every year my business is in a new place and I need new tools and different kinds of guidance. Alicia offers exactly what I need, at whatever level I’m at.

In addition, the friendships and business connections I’ve developed with the other attendees over the years have become priceless to me.

OBBW is my model for hosting my first live retreat this spring, which is already 80% sold out!”

Lisa Braithwaite

“Since working with Alicia, I have run two teleseminar series, created two info-products, doubled my databse through a telesummit, and filled a live workshop and two high-end programs. I made $120,000 in my first twelve months in my new business.

Alicia’s savvy advice just at the right time helped me move extremely fast and implement more than I ever could have on my own. I could count on her to be there for me when I needed it most, in those moments where fear got the better of me. She helped me get clear and get over myself and move forward again.

If you’re really serious about building your business and you want someone there for you when it really counts, then Alicia is the right mentor.”

Yvonne McIntosh

“I have learned so much from working with Alicia. She shifted my thinking profoundly and because of her examples, ideas and encouragement, I was able to put into place several plans of how to generate real money in my business. And the best part is knowing that these are things that I can do not just once, but over and over as my business continues to grow.

After two years of coaching privately with Alicia, I went from zero income to 6-figures, created the brand I’m now known for, held my first live event (and have my 5th coming up), and so much more.

The bottom line is that Alicia changed my life.”

Christine Gallagher


Please note that since Profitable Small Events is a completely digital program and is being offered at a drastically reduced rate, no refunds can be granted. But again, we are happy to offer you a full credit toward any other product!

Don’t let this chance pass you by – your return on your investment is guaranteed, and you’ll gain the confidence and clarity (along with the step-by-step instructions) to host your own successful small live event!


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the deep discount and digital nature of these programs,
all sales are final and no refunds will be granted.

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What if I need more individual help with my event?
If after the Profitable Small Events training you find you need additional support as you put together you own live event, you’ll be able to do so as a member of my Lively Biz Business Club.

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Don’t let this chance pass you by – your return on your investment is guaranteed, and you’ll gain the confidence and clarity (along with the step-by-step instructions) to host your own successful small live event!


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the deep discount and digital nature of these programs,
all sales are final and no refunds will be granted.

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Alicia Forest MBA Intuitive Business Strategist + Lifestyle Designer

Alicia is a freedom-loving lake girl and intuitive business strategist who guides and supports entrepreneurs to design a life they love that’s supported by a business they love using her proven practical strategies and tools to create a livelihood that’s priority-based, profitable, and part-time.

As founder of the Mastery of Business Academy, she’s been the guiding force behind some of the best-known and successful online businesses in the coaching arena, as well in the industries of education, health and wellness, and new age, and has inspired thousands of entrepreneurs to create a business that’s fun and funds a life they love.

Alicia’s expertise has been featured on, Escape from Cubicle Nation, T. Harv Ekers’ SuccessTracs, Holistic Business Journal and countless digital media outlets. She’s also the author of 6 Simple Steps to 6 Figures for the Solo Service Professional: How to Create Your Lifestyle Business Based on Your Passion for Serving Others, available at major booksellers.

When she’s not helping entrepreneurs create ease and flow in their business, you can find her enjoying life by playing with her husband James and kids, Chloe and Jack, stretching her woo-woo wings, reading the Outlander series, writing in some form, or if it’s summer – at the lake.

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